DIES & MOULDS MANUFACTURINGWe are an outstanding manufactures and service providers in the field of Dies and Moulds manufacturing. If we are the choice for your Dies and Moulds solutions, then you are not just hiring us to supply the same but You also getting a proper business partner who can play a vital role in your manufacturing process in order to improve quality of process at par. We will always with our clients right from we received their requirement, even after delivery and we strive to keep a long term business relation with our clients.

We keep our clients updated and interactive while manufacturing their Moulds/Dies and kep them informed about each step of their Mould/Die manufacturing process. Finally we deliver and install the solutions at their site and provide them constant technical support in order to improve their manufacturing process efficiency and quality.


  • SUBMIT your Mould / Die requirement with Product Drawing or Sample. Client have to give us either the product drawing with detailed specification or a sample of the product for which the mould should be made.
  • Based on it we will provide our Quotation.
  • DIES & MOULDS MANUFACTURINGThen if satisfied client have to release P.O  with the advance payment.
  • Will submit the product drawing or 3D model (only if client demand) for approval.
  • The material of the mould will be selected based on process tolerance and specification.
  • Assembly drawings will be provided by us for client approval on demand.
  • Then we start the mould manufacturing process.
  • Then after that we will produce a trial sample using the manufactured mould. (the process is called mould trial).
  • Then the trial sample is submitted to the customer for approval if there are any changes we will make them.
  • After getting an approval from the client we will proceed to the Mould finishing process.
  • Then a final trial submission and client approval
  • Then delivery of the mould (Prompt Delivery)
  •  We will provide mould installation support if needed at the client floor upon request.
  • We also provide technical support for the improvement of process.
  • We only use standard high quality parts and ascessories in our moulds so if defect occurs while handling the mould (eg. Ejector pins,Guide bush etc..) The part can be replaced by the client themselves, we can provide the spare part.
  • We provide manufacturing guarantee of one million shots/one year.